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Tommy's Toys (tm) Logo

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Welcome Earthlings!

Tommy's Toys (tm) is the greatest PC software game company on planet Earth.  Founded in 1985 after Tommy and his band of aliens crash-landed in the middle of downtown Denver, Colorado, its web site was closed in 2001 after they decided to take off back to space.

Seriously, it's all the work of T.L. Winslow (TLW), the World's Greatest Genius (tm), a mysterious recluse from Colorado who tried to avoid getting famous, hampering business growth, until he ran out of time for this kind of work and had to switch careers to something more serious, first novel writing, then historyscoping.  Sorry, but I'm just too busy to go back into it, and am hoping a rich fatcat Earthling investor will come along to make a deal with me to create a corporation that takes it all over and advances it into the Internet age with multiplayer versions and a subscription Web site that charges so many bucks per month/year.  I have no doubt that with a measly $50M-$100M upfront investment, it will be just a matter of years before we have hundreds of millions of eager customers, after which the corporation can go public and be worth billions on the stock market.

If any rich fatcats are reading this, all you have to do to contact me is send an email to:

with the title "TOMMY'S TOYS/INVESTOR" so I can spot it, and I'll get back with you.

I'll sell all my rights to a new corporation for $20 million upfront plus a 25% share of the stock. You'll get the other 75% in return for giving the corporation $50M-$100M, negotiable after we get into the details of what has to be done to launch it successfully.  I want a position on the board and a job as Chief Toymaker, which will entail answering email questions from employees part time, no more than 20 hours a week, no personal visits please.  Handled professionally, this could be the next success story in the stock market, delighting zillions of Earthlings forever more.  I am over 60 now and would like to leave a legacy, and want enough upfront money to move permanently to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, which is my angle if you need to know.

I'm hoping my investor was a fan of Tommy's Toys back in the day, and doesn't need a big sales pitch but is already sold.

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